Original St. Moritz Collection

…Summer is calling!
The new St. Moritz
collection has arrived!
Bright. Coloured. Different.
Baby’s choice
Our baby collection
simply too sweet.
“Small, but stylish please!
Snowpolo St. Moritz
World Cup 2024
St. Moritz Collection
Exclusive – and only
available from us
Every Shoe
handmade in Switzerland
Timeless Elegance – Since 1932

En·der Sport

Trend Fashion

Trend Fashion since 1931. Largest selection of shoes. The latest fashion trends in clothing and shoes. We exclusively sell the original St. Moritz, White Turf and Snowpolo collections. We can be found at three locations in St. Moritz and also in Porta Samedan and look forward to your visit.

St. Mo·ritz

San Murezzan

St. Moritz is a political municipality in the Engadin, in the Maloja region of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The town is named after St Mauritius, who is depicted on the coat of arms. St. Moritz is more than just a holiday resort. It was also the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism (1864) and has twice hosted the Winter Olympics. However, St. Moritz became famous above all for its mineral springs, which were discovered 3,000 years ago and established the town as a summer health resort early on.



The Engadin is a high valley in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe and is more than 80 kilometres long. The Engadin is a paradise for sports enthusiasts and adventurers, a place of inspiration and tranquillity, a valley with genuine nature and full of cultural treasures.


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